Training for prosecutors

TRial advocacy for the modern world

I provide training for the real world prosecutor.  Are you tired of suffering through “lectures” or “death by PowerPoint” presentations?  I emphasize learning points and high value takeaways in all of my courses.  I believe in hands on learning, not lecturing.    I also firmly believe in frequent coffee breaks!  The list below is an example of some of the courses I offer.   All courses are available in person or virtually.       

prosecutor 101: a step-by-step guide

Are you a new prosecutor? Or maybe an experienced attorney trying your first case to a jury? There are no tips, tricks or hacks. Good trial advocacy takes work. This hands on workshop is designed to give you the foundation you need to develop into a great trial attorney. A step-by-step guide from jury selection to closing argument.

the digital prosecutor: HARNESS THE POWER OF POWERPOINT

We live in an era where most of your jurors have grown up with a screen in their face. Why would you hand your jury paper photos to pass around? Digital presentation of your evidence puts you in control of the courtroom and greatly enhances the persuasiveness of your story. Learn how to build a digital folder for your trial, edit audio/video and present your case digitally to the jury.

search and seizure

We live an era of unprecedented transparency. From body cams to cell phones your officers actions will be closely scrutinized. It is essential for a prosecutor to have a strong understanding of the 4th Amendment. A strong command of search and seizure law will enable you to prevail in motion practice and most importantly, allow you to advise your local law enforcement how to build strong cases while protecting your community from civil rights violations. Your officers need it. Your community needs it.

What can i do to help you?

What problems do you face? What issues do you have in your jurisdiction? I provide custom training courses designed specifically for you or your office. I provide courses for entire offices, groups, organizations or even individual attorneys. Contact me today and let me know what I can do to help.