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Hi, I’m Erik Scramlin, an attorney with a passion for teaching.  I’ve been a prosecutor my entire career.  Working closely with law enforcement, providing training, has always been the most fulfilling aspect of my job.  That’s why in 2019, I decided to follow my passion and start Tactical Legal Solutions, LLC.  I believe there is a better way to do law enforcement training.  A more valuable, less boring way where officers are engaged in the process and courses are packed with high-value takeaways.  I am a certified law enforcement instructor in the State of New Mexico and bring significant experience as a prosecutor and trial attorney to all my courses.  I stand for law enforcement and appreciate the sacrifices our heroic public safety professionals make every day.   

Available Courses

Search & Seizure in New Mexico

The New Mexico Constitution affords its citizens greater protections than its federal counterpart.  This course focuses on New Mexico’s unique approach in interpreting search and seizure law, known as the interstitial approach.  Officers will learn about New Mexico’s strong preference for warrants and all of the recognized exceptions to the warrant requirement.  In these extraordinary times we live in, it is more important than ever that officers are well-versed in search and seizure law.  This course, taught by former Chief Deputy DA Erik Scramlin, teaches officers everything they need to know about search and seizure law in New Mexico.  Erik brings excitement and high value takeaways to this course.  Officers will leave with the knowledge and confidence to meet the challenge of building strong cases while protecting their citizens’ rights.  This course is approved by NM DPS.

The Officer Prosecutor

This course is a step-by-step guide to handling officer prosecuted cases.  Officers will learn how to conduct pre-trial discovery, negotiate plea offers and conduct their own bench trials.  When confronted by a skilled defense attorney, many officers will simply dismiss their case.  This course will give officers the tools and confidence they need to effectively prosecute their own cases.  Officers will engage in hands on activities including a mock trial where they will conduct opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations and closing arguments.  Officers will leave this course with the necessary skill set to meet the challenge of prosecuting their own cases in court.  This course is approved by NM DPS.


Protecting Civil Rights While Minimizing Exposure to Lawsuits

In this course, officers will be exposed to the anatomy of a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit.  Officers will learn about law enforcement liability under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.  Officers will learn the latest federal case law and national trends in qualified immunity.  Police misconduct and calls for police reform are the hot topics of the day; it is more important than ever for all public safety professionals to have more than a basic understanding of this important area of the law.  Written materials and links to additional resources will be provided.  As with all courses, this course will use hands on activities and group exercises to engage officers throughout the learning process.

Anatomy of a Burnout

This 2-hour presentation is Mr. Scramlin’s keynote.  Officers will learn about Mr. Scramlin’s personal story of burning out as a prosecutor and how he made it his mission to understand everything about this often-misunderstood phenomenon.  In this presentation officers and staff will learn about the signs and symptoms of professional burnout.  Most importantly, Mr. Scramlin will share information about how to recognize the mal-adaptive behaviors that lead to burnout.  Mr. Scramlin will also discuss what supervisors and administrators can do to recognize and prevent burnout amongst the ranks.  The public safety profession is extremely vulnerable to burnout.  Officers are often engaged in high stress work with dwindling resources.  In addition, constant exposure to the trauma of others is one of the main triggers of vicarious trauma which leads to burnout.  It is estimated that professional burnout is costing US companies as much as $300 billion annually and causes over 120,000 deaths each year.  This presentation is beneficial to the entire office.