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Hobbs, NM – in partnership with Senmlea & nmjc

Officer as Prosecutor Training - Hobbs, NM

New Mexico officers will learn how to handle an officer prosecution from start to finish.  Officers who complete this course will be able to demonstrate the ability to testify and present evidence as a prosecutor, taught by Attorney Erik Scramlin is NMDPS approved (#NM210002).

Courses For New Mexico Officers

Search & Seizure in New Mexico

New Mexico officers should not be scared or confused about the law. The New Mexico Search and Seizure course is a full day NMDPS approved course. Course covers New Mexico's Article 2, Section 10 (NM's version of the 4th Amendment.) Officers will learn about the warrant requirement and all of the recognized exceptions to the warrant requirement under New Mexico law. This course is great for new officers and seasoned officers alike.

The Officer Prosecutor

You should not be afraid to go to court and prosecute your case. Many officers simply do not show up to trial when the defendant hires an attorney. As a result, the case gets dismissed. This course will help you learn the basics of trial advocacy. Learn how to prepare, present and win your case in court. This course is NMDPS approved. Options include a full day course or a more in depth two day course in which officers will present a mock case from start to finish.

Courtroom Testimony

Afraid to go to court? Worried about what questions the defense attorney will ask on cross? Confused about objections?

Learn the characteristics of a credible witness and the power of story telling. Ease your nerves the next time you testify, learn the techniques defense attorneys use to cross examine police officers and what you can do to prepare for court.

Law Enforcement Courses

Drafting Search Warrants - Legal Aspects

Use Of Force Law

Fourth Amendment Search & Seizure

Police Should Not Be Afraid To Enforce The Law

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