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Search & Seizure in New Mexico

Learn what a New Mexico Officer must know about search and seizure. Focus on New Mexico's interstitial approach and learn why search and seizure is applied differently under New Mexico law. Train like a lawyer and gain the confidence to enforce the law while minimizing your exposure to harmful lawsuits.

The Officer Prosecutor

Facing a seasoned defense attorney in court is a terrifying prospect for many officers. In this course learn how to prepare and present your case in court. Erik uses his extensive experience as a prosecutor to teach you a step-by-step method to prosecute any case in court with confidence.

Courtroom Testimony

Don't be afraid to go to court. Learn the traits and characteristics possessed by credible witnesses. You will face cross examination with confidence when you know how to handle any cross examination technique a defense attorney may throw at you.

Legal training that works

Our mission is to help police officers be the hero their communities need. Erik Scramlin, JD is a former New Mexico Chief Deputy District Attorney who has spent his entire career as an advocate for law enforcement. We know and understand the unprecedented challenges facing law enforcement today. We will create a legal training plan that works, avoids death by PowerPoint and gives you the confidence to face the challenges of modern policing.

Erik M. Scramlin, JD

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to teach control tactics.  Why would you hire a non-lawyer to teach the law?  Attorney Erik Scramlin has over a decade of experience as a New Mexico prosecutor, police legal advisor and police civil rights defense attorney.  

Mr. Scramlin is a NMDPS and FLETC certified instructor who brings his vast legal experience to all of his trainings.

The New Mexico Constitution provides far greater rights than its federal counterpart.  Search and seizure law applies differently under the New Mexico Constitution.  Out of state vendors, who teach 4th Amendment courses may expose you to liability.  With the passage of the New Mexico Civil Rights Act, which abolishes the defense of qualified immunity under state law, it is now more important than ever for officers to have a complete and thorough understanding of New Mexico specific law.  

Learn New Mexico law from a New Mexico attorney.

Legal training doesn’t have to be boring!  We know how frustrating it is to suffer through a death by PowerPoint presentation.  We know what it feels like to endure the instructor who prefers to tell war stories rather than teach the material.  

There is a better way.  There are many different learning styles and people process information differently.  Attorney Scramlin uses modern teaching techniques to ensure that every student takes value away from all of his courses.

What Our Clients Have to Say

The training was great! You are getting real cases, specific to New Mexico. The cases are broken down and unpacked to where your everyday patrolman can take something away from this training.
Mauricio Valeriano
Chief of Police - Jal, NM
I enjoyed Erik's presentation, I will be recommending him to other prosecutor coordinators. I received a lot of positive feedback regarding his presentation.
Henry Valdez
Director - NM AODA