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The Tactical In-Service Podcast

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice. This content and all of Tactical Attorney’s content is for informational purposes only. You should contact your attorney to obtain legal advice with respect to any particular issue. Nothing here should be construed to form an attorney client relationship of any kind.


The United States Supreme Court addressed qualified immunity in two recently released decisions, City of Tahlequah, Oklahoma v. Bond No. 595 U.S. _____ (2021) and Daniel Rivas-Villegas v. Ramon Cortesluna. 

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the Court’s holdings and its potential implications for law enforcement.


If you are a law enforcement or public safety professional, the threat of being doxed is very real. In this Episode of the Tactical In-Service Podcast, I speak with my friend John Christy. John is a former police officer turned cyber security professional. John shares his own frightening experience of being doxed and what you can do to help minimize exposure.

3 Objections Every Officer must know

Knowing these 3 trial objections will help any police officer testify better in court.

For police officers in New Mexico, knowing these 3 objections are a must if you prosecute your own cases in court. Even if you don’t prosecute your own cases, knowing and understanding these 3 common trial objections will help you testify better in court.

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