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Get The Legal Training You Need

Increased calls for police reform and intense social scrutiny have caused many police officers to fear doing their job.  Police officers are held to a high standard and are often times expected to know the law like a lawyer.  You should have access to quality legal training that actually works.  I’ve spent my entire career working with law enforcement in the courtroom and classroom.  Police officers are heroes.  From the community caretaker to the detective that helps deliver a grieving family justice.  My mission is to transform your department because through good legal training, you can become the hero your community needs. 

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On-site training at your department or virtual training through an interactive platform. Choose the option that works best for you.


War stories and death by PowerPoint does not work. Our courses combine multiple learning styles so everyone takes something away from the training.

learn the law from a lawyer

Attorney Erik Scramlin has trained state, local and federal officers for over a decade. Bring Erik's experience as a prosecutor and police legal advisor to your department.

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